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You will immediately notice that the Inuit-Eskimo art at Gallery Canada is very different in color, detail, composition and theme, compared to the more traditional aboriginal carvings & sculptures found in the Cape Dorset, Iqaluit and other eastern Canadian communities - this is because Gallery Canada specializes in Inuit art from the Kitikmeot region of Canada’s Central Arctic.

Regional Inuit Carvings- Eskimo Sculptures Specialties:   

Bird Carving from orange Musk-ox horn

White stone igloo carving with removable lid and detailed scenes inside

White stone animated drum dancer carving

Musk-ox horn and white stone detailed diorama

Stone face Inuit dolls with detailed traditional costuming

Green stone hunters on kayak with 'catch of the day' 

Regional Animals including Polar Bear, Caribou, Walrus, Seal and Musk-Ox
Whales: Beluga and Narwhal subjects
Sculptures carved from ancient whale bone

The Inuit 'white stone' carvings at Gallery Canada are sculpted from Dolomite - a hard, white stone found on islands in the Coronation Gulf of the Arctic Sea - whereas most Eskimo carvings from the Baffin Island and eastern regions are created from soapstone or serpentine, a hard, dark stone. 
The Inuit Artists in the Kugluktuk community also carve from darker stones from the embankments of local rivers, for accessorial pieces and entire sculptures. Other indigenous materials such as musk-ox horn, caribou antler, walrus tusk, animal hide & fur, and ancient whalebone are also used as art mediums.
Realism and Detail: Most Inuit - Eskimo art from the Kitikmeot region exhibits a high degree of realism with much animation and detail. Many of the carvings are also set against a natural looking surrounding.
Dioramas and Ensembles: Many Inuit art sculptures are comprised of two or more figures and include accessories fabricated from animal horn, tusk, hide, fur, antler or whale bone.

Gallery Canada works directly with the Inuit and First Nations artists and we offer a diverse range of stone carvings and sculptures, prints, paintings, jewelry and tapestries to satisfy the needs of all Inuit and First Nations Art collectors as well as discriminating gift and corporate buyers.

All Inuit-Eskimo art purchased from Gallery Canada bears the artists' signature and is accompanied by a Gallery Canada Certificate of Authenticity & Canadian Government issued 'Igloo Tag'. All Canadian First Nations art bears the artists' signature and is accompanied by a Gallery Canada Certificate of Authenticity.